Why Music Education is Important

Parents nowadays are more responsive and open to the idea of enrolling their children in music lessons. They could see the benefits and advantages of having their kids know some musical instruments.

Children singing in a choirIt does not mean that when you enroll your child to a music or voice lesson, you are already expecting that he or she would make it big in the music industry in the future. More than having an additional skill, enrolling in a music lesson can do so much more for your children.

Here are some noteworthy benefits of music education among children:

1. Language development

One of the early exposures of children to languages is through music and nursery rhymes. They love to sing and dance to their favorite nursery rhymes. And through joining in the singing, they can know, speak, and pronounce new words. That is why music is highly encouraged in the classroom, especially during the early childhood stages. Matter of fact, some children even got to know their alphabet through music.

2. Boost in IQ

A study was conducted among children age six years old who were enrolled in voice and piano lessons. The result showed an increase in the IQ levels of these children as compared to the other children who were enrolled in different classes such as drama and arts. Thus, some parents believe that it enrolling their children to music lesson can help make their children smarter and more intelligent, especially if the voice teacher is professionally trained to motivate them.

3. The brain works harder

According to research, the musician’s brain works differently than the other people who are not into music. When someone is learning musical skills, it involves not only one but multiple skills set. There needs to be mind and body coordination. When a child studies music at an early age, it helps stimulate his or her brain functions. Moreover, there will be improvement and development in the sound discrimination of a person enrolled in music lesson as well as delicate motor tasks.

4. Improved mathematics problem-solving skills

Kids learn math faster when exposed to music lessonsThrough undergoing music lesson, a person can have an improvement in terms of solving mathematical problems. A musically-inclined person tends to be useful in mathematics, too as well as other subjects that involve numbers and computations such as engineering, architecture and even information technology.

The items above are just some of the positive effects of music on a person. There is no claim that music can make you smarter in an instant, but it does help improve some skills in you.


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