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Maximizing Twitter to Boost Your Business Goals

Twitter is more than just a microblog. It is more than a social media site where you can dump in your thoughts and fit it in a 125-words space or less. Truth be told, Twitter can actually do a lot for your business that you didn’t know of. This social media site can help you reach your target market, do lead generation and perform your market research. And what’s great about it is that it is entirely free!

Twitter can boost your salesWhen you know how to maximize the use of Twitter for your business, you can do a lot on this site to help promote or market your brand. You can even go further if you seek the help of a New York City SEO agency to leverage your online presence.

Here are some ways on how you can take advantage of the uses of Twitter for your business:

1. Hyperlink to your tweets

You can use the post space not only to type in some words but also copy a link to your company’s website or whatever site you want your followers to check out. Be wary when you are overdoing this method or else your followers will find it spammy already.

2. Use the advanced search tool

Don’t just post tweets or search for hashtags or keywords in the search box. Go beyond the search box. Twitter has an advanced search tool you can make use of to find information across the network from general to the gritty ones.

3. Follow the right people

Don’t just follow anyone who follows you on Twitter. You have to follow the right people. You might have a thousand followers, but if they’re not the right ones you need or who can benefit from your business, then it doesn’t make sense. Follow accounts and people who you share the same interests with, industry leaders and those who might be interested in your products and services.

4. Maximize the trends and hashtags

Twitter can show you what the topics or trends that are picking up so fast on the site or what people are most talking about in the network at any given time are. There’s an even more refreshing way of filtering the trends and topics by country or by gender so you would know which issue the people you are trying to target are currently raving about. Take advantage of this feature of Twitter and use it for your lead generation and market research.

5. Strategize your content

Market your content easier in social mediaDon’t just post anything that pops into your mind. Make sure that it’s catchy and witty enough to get the attention of your followers. Use this to tickle the fancy of your target audience.

6. Don’t just add texts

You can also add images, gifs, and videos in your tweets. This will make your posts more interesting and pleasant to look at and could further catch the attention of your followers.

7. Take advantage if TubeMogul

TubeMogul is a new feature which was just recently launched. This feature lets you automatically update your Facebook and Twitter accounts when your TubeMogul video is live and that which could eventually reach a lot of video sharing networks that it supports.

These are just some of the features of Twitter you can take advantage of to prosper your business better online. It can very well help you reach a lot of people in your target market.