The Duties and Responsibilities of a Caregiver

Caregiving is one of the noblest jobs there is. Caring for your aging parents is already a challenge, what more if you are tasked to take care and assist someone else’s aging parents?

If you think, being caregiver just means assisting the old people or changing their diapers and feeding them, then think again. It is more than that and it is not an easy job. Like a preschool teacher who teaches and takes care little kids with different personalities and various levels of naughtiness, being a caregiver also requires a lot of patience and understanding. You need to have a big room of compassion in your heart for you to take on this job and be passionate about it.

So what does the caregiver do? Here’s a short list of some of the things that they do for a day:

1. Evaluate the medical needs of the patient

The caregiver checks with the doctor of the patient to know his or her medical history. This way, the caregiver can prepare the medical care plan of his/her patient. By assessing the medical needs of the patient, you can very well understand the condition of the patient and know how to take care of him or her.

Caregiver roles need them to be trained professionally2. Supervise the patient’s medication

The caregiver is also the one to monitor the medication of the patient. He or she is responsible for making sure that the patient drinks the medicine on time.

3. Takes care of the patient

The caregiver must assist the patient in their personal needs such as bathing, go to the toilet and they will even be grooming the elderly.

4. Prepare food

One of the duties of the caregiver is to prepare the meals of the patient. It can be helping in doing grocery shopping if the client can still walk and go to the supermarket. The caregiver can also monitor the nutrition needs of the patient, so he or she can prepare the food that is suitable for the patient.

5. Do the housework

This is depending on the needs of the patient. Some clients don’t require the caregiver to help in the housekeeping tasks, but there are some who does. They are not required to clean the whole house but perhaps just assist in minor chores like washing the dishes or taking out the garbage and do some sweeping on the floor just to make sure that the house is clean enough for the sake of the patient’s health.

6. Moving or transferring the patient

It is also the role of the caregiver to assist the patient in transferring from their bed to the chair or going from the bedroom to the dining room or living room.

7. Accompany the patient outside

Assisting the patient for a walk in the parkIf the patient has an appointment with the doctor, the caregiver is expected to accompany him or her. If the patient wants to go to the park or the mall or the church, the caregiver has to join him or her.

8. Keep the patient company

One of the most critical roles of the caregiver is to be an excellent companion to the patient. As a caregiver, you have to be there to listen to their stories, talk to them and just be a friend to them. Sometimes, their children may be too busy to care for them or speak to them, so you are the only person they can share their stories with most of the time. And that means a lot to the patients.