Questions You Can Ask Your Potential Wedding Band

With now a lot of wedding bands and singers to choose from, how do you narrow down your options? How do you know which one should suit the music style that you want, given that all bands are competent with what they do? A music group won’t be formed in the first place if the members are not passionate about music in the first place. All guitarists, bassists, singers, drummers, and keyboardists follow the same chords, so how do you know which band you should hire for your wedding?

Wedding live band setting the mood of the occasionMusic plays a big part in setting the mood for your event, so choosing the right band is crucial. However, it can be challenging to select one especially if you haven’t had the chance to attend any of these potential bands’ performances just yet. Recommendations don’t work as well, too, because every person has a unique taste in music and what works for one may not go well with another.

Remember, the choice must be up to you and your partner, and you must agree to the band that you’re hiring. Conforming to the same decision can help the couple enjoy the event, so don’t make this a choice of just one.

Here are some questions that can guide you as you do your wedding band hunt:

1. Can we watch a video of your performance?

Professional singers and bands have an updated portfolio of a sample of their performances. So, a group having a website or a collection of all their work is a good sign of professionalism. If a band does not agree to show you their work, then this is a red flag. Why doesn’t a band want to show their work? They may be hiding something, and most probably, it is the incompetence of their group.

Audio setup might not be included in the package2. Will you prepare all the necessary equipment?

Hiring a top-rated wedding band is one thing, but some couples are left to their dismay when on the event itself, they discover that audio equipment is not included in the band package. While the band is also responsible for informing the couple during their negotiations, the couple must also ask to make sure they’re covered for the event.

Most bands have this service available since it is more convenient for everyone, both for the band and the celebrants. Many groups are comfortable with their equipment, so it is but wise for them to want to use their own, too. Make sure to ask if speakers, extension cords, mics, and other equipment are already included in the package.

3. Can you play the songs that we like?

The group that you want to hire may be one of the highly recommended bands in your town; but, if the band cannot play the songs you like, then you would have to look for someone else. Your songs will be the highlight of your wedding, so you must find a band that can successfully render the songs you and your partner both like.

These are some of the questions you can ask your potential wedding band. Remember, this event is only once-in-a-lifetime, so it’s wise to choose the best one for you.

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