While doing pest control treatments that provide long-term solutions is crucial, there are also times whereby you need to get results fast. There are times where you cannot wait for tomorrow any longer because of the urgent need to control pests in your home. When this kind of situation happens, you need to have quick-fix solutions to solve the problem at hand.

Under your sink is a haven for cockroachesThe problem with many pest control treatments

The problem with many pest control treatments is it takes considerable time to implement. First, you have to call an exterminator to inspect your home, which takes at least one day for getting an appointment and having to wait for your schedule. After that, the exterminator visits your home and does the necessary inspections, and this will take at least one day depending on the breadth of the infested area. Thirdly, treatments must be applied which take at least three days for application and waiting time.

In most cases, you have to relocate somewhere else while treatment is being done. Also, you have to give a waiting time of at least 24 hours before it is safe for you to come back to your home. It is even trickier if you have to relocate pets since they are highly sensitive to these treatments. To be safe, you need to give at least 48 hours of waiting time before introducing your pets to your home again.

What’s great with managed pest control treatments

Although it takes a long time for these pest control treatments to be applied in your home, they work for the long-term as you are hiring a professional exterminator to do the job. The focus is on having a long-term solution, and it is clear to see this with the time for inspection, treatment, and waiting time given for New York extermination, pest & bed bug control.

But also, you must hire an excellent exterminator for the job. You cannot simply search for a company online, and then expect that company to do the treatment successfully. You need to do your search conscientiously and adequately, even if that means reading reviews and asking friends and family for advice. Long-term pest treatments are expensive, so you want to bring your money where it is worth.

The need for quick-fix solutions

Quick-fix pest control solutions, while may not be long-term, are needed for specific situations. If you suddenly see an invasion happening in your home, you can’t waste time by securing a schedule with the exterminator. You need to do what you can in the quickest way possible to ensure that you get to stop this invasion immediately. Prevention is always a good option, so while it is recommended for you to contact a professional exterminator for inspection, you need to act fast when preventing the further growth of this invasion.

Quick-fix solutions are cheaper than long-term treatments; however, you must not solely rely on these quick-fix treatments. These should only be employed while waiting for your inspection schedule.

If you have been looking for quick-fix solutions to pest invasion in your home, here are some cheap tricks that you can do:

Cleanliness should always include your backyard1. Cover all possible entry and exit spots

The first step that you can use is to cover all possible entry and exit spots in your home, as pests, large and small, will most likely have these as their terminals. Use a wire mesh or wool to cover these areas, as these will allow you to remove them once an exterminator comes to do the treatment. You can also use temporary sealants to cover these areas, which will provide better coverage if your schedule is still a few days away.

Do not also forget to put covers on your outlets, as pests love to thrive in these areas, too. As outlets are always missed out when cleaning, pests like to stay in these hard-to-reach spots. Carefully inspect your entire home and check for possible entry and exit spots. Make notes of these areas, too, so you won’t miss them when having an exterminator check around the house.

2. Use traps

Another quick-fix solution that you can use is to put traps and baits around the house. You can use fly and rodent traps, and then put them around possible entry and exit points. You can also set poison baits around the house. These traps and baits are helpful, but you have to be careful, especially if you have kids and pets around your home. It is because they may play with these traps and baits, and you will end up with more severe problems.

These quick-fix solutions can be of immense help to you and your family’s health and home. Remember, these are only temporary solutions, and you still need to have a professional exterminator check your home.