advocating health and tax reform in Tallahassee

Based in Miami, FL, Human Services Coalition (HSC), identifies and launches innovative strategies to help people and communities thrive. We work through a network of partner organizations, linking people with financial education, health care information, public benefits and educational and economic opportunities.

We empower individuals and communities to create a more just and equitable society by promoting civic engagement, economic fairness, and access to health and human services that address unmet needs.

Chain Reaction

HSC produces this weekly email and fax alert for over 6000 subscribers as a service to its statewide partner CHAIN (Community Health Access Information Network). The Just Do It! section showcases action items at the local, state and national levels with easy to follow explanations and instructions. Local and statewide calendar and training events, and a job bulletin board, are favorite features.


Prosperity Campaign

HSC recruited strategic allies in the business, government and nonprofit sectors to launch this campaign to address poverty of low-income working families. The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), the largest government program to boost the incomes of working families, is greatly underutilized in Miami-Dade.

Thanks to a grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, and leadership from the Greater Miami Chamber and Mayors Manny Diaz (Miami) and Alex Penelas (Miami-Dade County), HSC is establishing four model "Prosperity Centers" and dozens of "satellite" centers, to provide free tax preparation, screening for other public benefits programs, and connection to banks and credit unions to promote savings.

Thousands of local residents will learn about EITC through this campaign, bringing up to $400 million to our area businesses and financial institutions. This "no cost-win, win, win" solution" benefits everyone: the families who struggle to pay bills, the employers who bring increased wages to employees, the businesses who prosper from new spending and savings.

Mission Nutrition

Food "insecurity" affects thousands of area residents who qualify for but do not use the federal Food Stamps program. Food Stamps help families stretch their food budgets, improving nutrition for children and adults. This innovative HSC outreach initiative works through area businesses, faith and nonprofit organizations, to inform residents of the advantages of the Food Stamps program and streamline the application process.

HSC uses the "Real Benefits" online calculator to confidentially prescreen applicants, determine benefit level, then print and fax a complete application. Applicants save time and money, as HSC handles initial contact with the state agency and addresses any problems that may arise.

Area businesses welcome HSC staff into the workplace to share information with employees, recognizing that the Food Stamps program is a vital support for low-income workers.

KidCare and Covering Kids

HSC has led county-wide efforts to enroll children in the health insurance program, KidCare, for over four years. The State of Florida Department of Health funds these coordination activities. Working with other nonprofits and health providers, HSC provides the materials and training needed to inform and recruit area residents into this government supported quality health program. Over 100,000 additional children now have access, with an estimated 100,000 still waiting to enroll.

HSC also conducts community based peer education on KidCare with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Covering Kids Program. Skilled community educators bring news of the insurance program to those families who are unaware or reluctant to participate, helping with applications and follow up to assure success.

Policy Works

HSC needs good information and analysis to support its advocacy. HSC's unique Policy Works produces straightforward and concise policy materials that people can use to communicate with legislators and others whose support is needed to make positive change.

Policy Works launched one page "Policy Views You Can Use" with support from the Donors Forum on: Income Support, Health Access, Child Care and Revenue Maximization. The Health Foundation of South Florida is supporting research on how to "Get All the Kids Covered", focusing on how to address the needs of immigrant children.

HSC commissioned the Florida "Self Sufficiency Standard" that documents what it costs to cover basic needs for different family types. HSC and other groups are using this tool to advocate for improvements in public benefits programs, wage laws, and family supports.


Get Ready for Summer with Timely AC Maintenance

Summers are soon approaching us. At that time, a blast of cool air is the only thing that we need. Air conditioning is the essential thing required during the summer season. Apart from being used the entire season, it is vital to keep a check on the efficiency of the air conditioner.

Fixing the AC during summerFor this purpose, it is important to keep it clean during the spring season and get it fixed for any repairs and fixtures at the time of spring. But before you go ahead with the prospect of getting your air conditioner fixed and repaired, it is important to take a look at some of the repairs techniques that should be taken care off.

  • Comfort: Air conditioner provides us with utmost comfort. So it is mandatory to keep a check on the fixture required in the air conditioner performance and to look after if it’s running efficiency as the blast of cool air is the only thing that can keep us sane during the hot and humid weather of summer.
  • Increased efficiency: It so happens that when you get the air conditioner repaired during the spring season, the air conditioner will be good enough to adjust to the fixtures for the summer time. This way, during the summer season the adjustments will be proper, and the efficiency of your AC will be increased.
  • Saves money: The biggest boon of getting the air conditioner repair done in the spring season helps in saving big bucks. The summer season calls for air conditioner repairing, as the usage of air conditioner increases during that time. Thus, the cost of getting it fixed and repaired and using the services of the handyman increases as well. So, it is better to get it fixed during the springtime, so that you can save up on some cash.
  • Analyze tiny defects: When you can get the air conditioner fixed during the spring season, you start using it. This way you can properly analyze the little defects that are present in the air conditioner so that you can get them fixed. In fact, an HVAC is a person, who will properly take a look at the air conditioner and look for small defects in the air conditioner. This way, the small defects can be repaired, so that they do not turn into huge defects in the future calling for big trouble.
  • Emergency cases are taken care off: When you can detect the problems in the air conditioner during the springtime and get them fixed, there are high chances of avoiding emergencies. For instance, think about a day during the hot summer season, when the air conditioner is not working due to some minor defect. The repairman is not available and will only be able to take a look at the air conditioner in two days. You will be going through hassles, to stay in the hot summer without an air conditioner. So, if you will get the air conditioner checked during the spring season, you are ready for any contingency needs that might arise in the future.
  • Convenience: When you are getting your air conditioner fixed during the summer season, you can book an appointment at the time that you want to. You can fix the date according to your convenience. Otherwise, during the summer season, if you try to book an appointment, you will end up getting an appointment according to the availability of the handyman, because of their busy schedule at that time. This way you will end up putting a hold onto your schedule or adjusting it according to their availability.
  • Installation during springtime: The installation of the air conditioner during the spring season will prove to be cheap as compared to the summer season because, during the peak season, there will be an instant price hike for the repair services. This way, you may end up shelling huge bucks out of your pocket. The installation takes a lot of time as well during the summer season, because of the busy schedule of the HVAC contractor and you have to keep a check on their availability. Thus, it is better to call them out for installation during the spring season and stay away from heavy expenditures.

There are certain things that you need to take care off if you are calling a handyman to fix the air conditioner. Here, we will provide you with some of the triggers that need to be paid attention to while you call your repairman for the air conditioner.

  • Always check out for different technicians for the air conditioner and then compare the prices of their services. After, that choose the one that suits your budget, the best.
  • Before asking a repairman to fix the air conditioner, ask them for the license and inquire about their services and the previous company that hired them as a handyman.
  • In case there is a part of the air conditioner, that needs to be exchanged or replaced, take a look at the part and if you are sending the handyman to get them for you, always ask for the bill in return.
  • While the repair work of the air conditioner is going on, keep a close check on the services. Plus, be aware of the possible defects and repair services being offered by the handyman.

In a nutshell, it will always be a good idea to get your air conditioner fixed during the spring, and after going through the article, you must be very well acquainted with the possible benefits of it. To look for professional appliance service or AC maintenance companies in different Texas regions, you can search for TX Appliance Repair – Dallas, Plano, Arlington & Fort Worth on the web search to get the suitable options in your area.

While this might be one of the tasks for you, it is critical, so that there is an option of being safe from the possible damages and future investments on the air conditioner.

Plus, it provides you with an opportunity to hold an umbrella during a rainy day. This means that it will save you from any emergency conditions when you need a handyman immediately, and you won’t be able to get one. Get it fixed at your convenience.


Beauty Tips for Beach Lovers

Loving a dose of Vitamin Sea need not get in the way of skin careIf you love going to the beaches of Florida, you already know the challenge ahead when it comes to taking care of your skin. Not only do you have to protect yourself from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, but also from the sand and salt water which can both dry up your skin. However, these things should not deter you from enjoying the beach. If anything, you must do your research before going out, so you don’t suffer the consequences later.

Those with light skin suffer the most since they don’t produce enough melanin to protect them from the sun. Caucasians have to take care of their skin because they have a bigger risk of getting skin cancer compared to Asians and Africans. During summer, it is a common sight to see hundreds of people on the beach as they try to achieve the perfect tan. You will notice that while it takes time for Asians to get dark, Caucasian skin tends to burn quickly and turns red even just after 30 minutes of being exposed in the sun.

If you prepare well, you can still enjoy the beach even with the sun high up and the water running over your face. Here are some skin care tips to help you protect your skin when out on the beach:

Applying sunblock might not be enough1. Never leave your house without sunblock

To protect your skin, you cannot expect to just make one application before leaving the house, and then hoping to be fine for the whole day. You have to reapply after 2-3 hours because the protection tends to lose its value after a few hours. Even if you feel lazy in doing this, make the sacrifice because it will be worth it in the end. Go with a high SPF when you shop for skin care products and cleansers, a product that is long-lasting, and that will stick to your skin even when you dive in the water. Sunblock can be quite expensive, but you will never go wrong with this investment.

2. Cover up if the sun gets too intense

We know you want to get a tan. However, if the sun gets too intense, it is best to go on the side of caution. Cover yourself up with a wide-brimmed hat, a scarf, or a light dress to add extra layer protection to your skin. It may not look too stylish, but remember to think of your health first and foremost. You can also opt to stay somewhere with a shade first during this time, especially between 10 AM to 2 PM where the sun is at its peak. You can still enjoy the sun, for sure, but also be wise with taking care of your skin.

3. Go natural

Avoid makeup and hair styling products that will block off the natural flow of air and moisture in your skin. Now is the perfect time to go natural, and to let go of wanting to cover up your imperfections. You also want your sunblock to protect your skin efficiently and evenly, and you don’t want makeup to take the spot that should be for sunscreen.

Don’t let your love for the beach get in the way of your skincare routine. In much the same way, do not let your skincare routine get in the way of your love for the beach. Protect your skin correctly as you enjoy the sun, sand, and waves of the beach.


Why Music Education is Important

Parents nowadays are more responsive and open to the idea of enrolling their children in music lessons. They could see the benefits and advantages of having their kids know some musical instruments.

Children singing in a choirIt does not mean that when you enroll your child to a music or voice lesson, you are already expecting that he or she would make it big in the music industry in the future. More than having an additional skill, enrolling in a music lesson can do so much more for your children.

Here are some noteworthy benefits of music education among children:

1. Language development

One of the early exposures of children to languages is through music and nursery rhymes. They love to sing and dance to their favorite nursery rhymes. And through joining in the singing, they can know, speak, and pronounce new words. That is why music is highly encouraged in the classroom, especially during the early childhood stages. Matter of fact, some children even got to know their alphabet through music.

2. Boost in IQ

A study was conducted among children age six years old who were enrolled in voice and piano lessons. The result showed an increase in the IQ levels of these children as compared to the other children who were enrolled in different classes such as drama and arts. Thus, some parents believe that it enrolling their children to music lesson can help make their children smarter and more intelligent, especially if the voice teacher is professionally trained to motivate them.

3. The brain works harder

According to research, the musician’s brain works differently than the other people who are not into music. When someone is learning musical skills, it involves not only one but multiple skills set. There needs to be mind and body coordination. When a child studies music at an early age, it helps stimulate his or her brain functions. Moreover, there will be improvement and development in the sound discrimination of a person enrolled in music lesson as well as delicate motor tasks.

4. Improved mathematics problem-solving skills

Kids learn math faster when exposed to music lessonsThrough undergoing music lesson, a person can have an improvement in terms of solving mathematical problems. A musically-inclined person tends to be useful in mathematics, too as well as other subjects that involve numbers and computations such as engineering, architecture and even information technology.

The items above are just some of the positive effects of music on a person. There is no claim that music can make you smarter in an instant, but it does help improve some skills in you.



Empowering Others to be Stronger Through Effective Leadership

Although there are many leadership and management styles, one thing remains the same throughout. Being an effective and efficient leader requires many personal traits that enable the supervising person to encourage growth on behalf of each employee.

Tips That Encourage Strength in Others

good leadership pushes successUnderstanding human nature is essential. If one believes that people typically dislike work and will avoid it when possible, there is little potential for growth. If the leader believes that nature desires physical and mental efforts, there is a dedicated desire for change and improvement. High expectations of people result in positive change.

High expectations of each employee bring great results. Those who show their subordinates that each will be successful achieve higher outcomes than those who show little expectation and do not challenge others with rewarding tasks.

Treating workers with reward instead of punishment enables responsibilities to be taken without a lot of risk of failure. Paying more attention to successes versus failures allows employees to take the initiative to go the extra step. It builds self-confidence along the way and improves job performance. Discipline breeds fear to take on additional responsibilities.

Encouraging cooperation amongst staff members creates cohesiveness instead of competition. When staff works together, everyone is in a win-win situation. Each one succeeds and no one fails. People feel stronger when working together instead of against one another.

Helping others only when asked gives them the power to grow on their own. They begin to accept responsibility and gain confidence in knowing that they are wise and able to make decisions independently. Giving control of situations to others assists in minimizing dependence on approval for action. Always critiquing their job performance makes them appear to be less knowledgeable and inadequate.

Creating “success” experiences makes others feel stronger. Designing situations where others can feel responsible and can take credit for the success increases the feeling of strength as a person and in the position held. This works well with individuals and teams.

Ideas That Encourage the Growth of Others

Realize that leaders also have limitations. Look at the above tips and apply them to the management situation that is being faced. Being empowered and taking the initiative and believing in oneself is a positive step towards growth.

Trusting others with responsibilities makes way for an active and individual change. Being in charge does not lead the way to dominate every project. Delegate and relish in someone else’s creativity, problem-solving skills and success.

Being a successful and effective leader enables others the opportunity to experience success on their own. Creating an environment and opportunities for staff to work on their own and supporting them and their triumphs leads to a great organization and establishes teams of dedicated employees.



Feeling Safe in Achieving Your American Dream

On the journey to a better urban environment, one inevitably has to stop to consider building types because the issue is not whether or not we live together, but rather how close we live to one another. Most people, given a choice, would not live out in the wilderness in complete isolation. At the same time, people have concerns about their public and private sides to life and enjoy an array of possibilities in between. The American Dream in many ways may have been an over-reaction to the dense squalid urban conditions of nineteenth-century industrial cities. Hence, building type and quality have much to do with people’s perception of the environment around them whether they feel comfortable and safe or hemmed in and insecure.

Although in a sense we live in all the buildings we occupy for any length of time; buildings can be classified into two types: residential, and non-residential. Residential buildings are usually the ones we tend to spend the most time in and identify with personally (at least address-wise), so perhaps we need to consider what most people want or expect of home. Residential buildings come in a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from single family homes to multiple dwelling high-rise buildings. Since what we want and what we get is often different, let us focus on the ideal.

First, people look for privacy. A man’s home is his castle in the sense that once he has closed the door behind him, he is in a different world his own. Some architects have built entire design philosophies around the concept of the front vs. the back of a home and what it all means. In fact, the back is everything beyond the front wall of a home. This is what separates the public and more formal side of people from the more relaxed and real’ side of individuals. Fundamentally, home is a place to escape, to look after the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of people before once again becoming players on the larger stages of life. It naturally assumes a separation that is both visually and acoustically isolated and insulated from the world. Physically, people need to sleep, eat, take care of biological functions, bathe or shower, dress and undress, and simply relax. To get technical, there is a general expectation that this occurs in the comfort of an environment having a relatively constant ambient air temperature of 70 degrees, with continuous air flow for healthy respiration and the expulsion of various domestic odors and toxins.


The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Bookkeeping

Any business, whether big or small, relies on bookkeeping to keep track of an enterprise’s success. If in some fields there are other ways to account for success, with business, cash-in and cash-out spell out a victory. Even if you have a grand marketing scheme and you have an excellent corporate social responsibility program, if there is no revenue to keep at the end of the day, then you have failed with your business.

2016 CPA average salaries in US key citiesThere is no question as to the importance of proper bookkeeping. At first, an entrepreneur may decide to do everything on his/her own, from accounting, marketing, administration, to operations. A starting business owner may want to do all these tasks on his/her own, and it is understandable given that there isn’t much budget to start with. So, an entrepreneur would want to save money where he/she can, so as long he/she can do it, and then, for sure, there is no question as to why one wants to do everything at the start.

However, there will come a time when an entrepreneur will have problems with managing his/her time, and with getting things done. Issues now start to emerge with customers starting to get annoyed, and with your client base continuing to grow. Then you may feel overwhelmed with all the tasks that you have to complete, with now a growing list of responsibilities that you have to do. It is a good sign, though, because it means your business is now growing. If you keep on having things at bay, with you being able to manage everything on your own, then it means that your business is not growing.

If your tasks are getting out of hand and you are now considering to outsource, one of the things that you must prioritize is to outsource your bookkeeping. You cannot keep on doing everything with a half-heart because more than anything, managing your finance is extremely important. So, if you are now getting overwhelmed with all tasks that you have to do, make sure that you put your accounting as a top priority.

If outsourcing your bookkeeping is a decision that you are still considering, here are some of the benefits of going with a third-party company to do the accounting for you:

Hiring 1 accounting staff and outsourcing majority of the tasks1. You get to save lots of valuable time that you can use for other tasks

As an entrepreneur, you are faced with many challenges every day. You need to spread out your time and energy among different tasks and problems that you have to face. Bookkeeping takes time and expertise, so, for sure, if you can outsource it, then you take out a big chunk of your time to use for other tasks.

Even if you think that outsourcing your bookkeeping can cost a significant amount of your budget, the benefits are for the long-term. Time is your biggest asset when running a business, so if you get to save on time through outsourcing, then it is a big plus for your enterprise.

2. You get to save money

You may be scratching your head right now, thinking as to how you can save money through outsourcing. But when you dig deeper, you will realize that you can save money when you put everything into perspective. For one, you don’t have to hire staff to do the bookkeeping for you; so, you get to save on salaries and benefits that you may not even afford. If you go with outsourcing, you only pay a flat fee every month, and you can expect all required tasks to be done for you.

When you add up all the service fees that you have to pay, these end up being cheaper than having to hire an entire department to do the job.

Bookkeepers in your payroll might be an unnecessary expense3. You get to enjoy professional bookkeeping services

Top-rated accounting outsourcing services allow you to enjoy professional services, which is a big plus for you no matter how small or big your business is. If you decide to hire licensed accountants or bookkeepers, you may get surprised with the salaries that you have to provide. They don’t come cheap, so if you are a startup, you may have problems with sustaining your accounting department.

Outsourcing this department is way more affordable compared to hiring bookkeepers in-house. And as a bonus, you get to enjoy the services of professionals who have been in the industry for many years.

Outsourcing your bookkeeping has many benefits. It may seem like an expensive route to take, but if you factor in all considerations, you will realize that you will end up saving more money. Aside from saving money, you get to focus on other aspects of your business where your expertise is needed. As an entrepreneur, you cannot put all your expertise in one basket. You have to prioritize and put your hand into your strengths. And whatever your weaknesses are, you must consider hiring or outsourcing these tasks to the experts whom you can trust.

Collaboration is key to any business’ success, and if you can find a way to put together teams and partnerships that can work for your enterprise, then you can expect phenomenal growth in the years to come.


Tolerance to a Multiracial Society

America, like many countries, was founded upon pretense. Englishmen who had tired of persecution wanted a place to practice their religious and political beliefs as they saw fit. Since it’s infancy, the people of America have been hypocritical in everything they sought to stand for. Equality for all meant equality for all white men of some social standing.

Kids should be raised on multiracial awarenessMany hundreds of years later, we the children of a severely diminished Native population and so many immigrants are still lacking in being a real melting pot. Perhaps a day will come when diversity is genuinely celebrated, but that day will not come without going back to the root, being critically honest, and then educating ourselves and our children.

We have to rewrite history books now. We have to get beyond the sugar-coated story of how America was born and tell the truth. We must take it upon ourselves to understand our own cultures, to learn about our ancestor’s ways, even if we choose not to practice them. It must be popularly accepted that there are few if any, purely “white” or “black” people in this society.

There are both beautiful and horrifying elements to nearly any culture. We as a society must be brave and honest enough to acknowledge these things. We must find the ability to look beyond the lightness or darkness of one’s skin and realize that rich traditions and histories are lying below the surface that will pass out of existence without the strength and integrity to do some serious investigation.

The “Check One” ethnicity boxes should be done away with on forms. This only encourages people to generalize themselves. Being Siberian, Blackfoot, Creole, and European there is entirely no way I can only put an ‘X’ in a box and be done with it. My children, who are even more diverse than I, have been raised to respect all cultures and never to assume a person’s cultural identity based on the tone of their flesh. I hope that they remember these lessons as well as pass them on. I highly doubt that I will live to see a content multiracial society, but if we do not try, our progeny will never see it either.


What to Look for When Choosing a Meal Kit Delivery Service

There is now a boom in meal kit delivery services, thanks to more people wanting to try their hand at cooking but do not have the time to shop for ingredients, or, have no necessary skills whatsoever. In the past, you can count in your hands the number of companies offering meal kit deliveries. The environment is vastly different these days with so many brands competing. Companies, therefore, have to be innovative.

Fresh ingredients and recipe in a box for a DIY hearty mealIf you have been shopping around for a meal kit delivery service, there are several things that you must look for. The most important thing here is for you to know for yourself why you want to avail of the service. Do you like cooking but do not have the time to shop and prep the ingredients? Do you have zero cooking experience and you want to try it? Do you want to try different recipes? Or, do you want to lose weight and you want meals planned for you? Whatever your reason is, you must know why you want to subscribe to this service in the first place.

If you are still unsure as to what service to try, here are some tips and questions to help you decide:

1. What are the meal options available?

You must check the company’s meal options available (Consider: Terra’s Kitchen review) if these can cater to your needs. Are you on a dairy-free, gluten-free, meat-free, or sugar-free diet? If, say, you are on a gluten-free diet, make sure that your service of choice offers this option. Even if a company has great reviews, if it cannot cater to your needs, then it’s a waste. If you are unsure, contact their customer service to ensure that their options can accommodate your needs.

Budget constraints might hinder your meal kit services2. What are your budget options?

Apart from the meals available, the budget is another important consideration. Unless you are willing to pay hundreds of dollars a week for these meal kit delivery services, make sure that you are going with a company that won’t break your bank. In truth, these services cost more than with you doing all the shopping and prepping up of ingredients. However, you also pay for the service of others doing all those time-consuming things for you, even up to the delivery of these prepped up ingredients right at your doorstep.

You can try for one week first to see how the service works for you. Don’t get into the temptation of signing up for one full year because it appears to be cheaper. But then again, if you end up struggling to pay for meals, then you are not giving yourself the best experience.

3. How does the delivery work?

Some companies deliver your orders right at your doorstep, and there are some that can only do store pick-ups. When picking the service, make sure to go with a company that will offer convenience for you. If pick-up and home delivery options cost the same, then go with a service that can do home deliveries. You are getting this service for convenience, right? So, why not go with one that can offer just that.

Consider these tips when choosing a meal kit delivery service that will fit your needs. If unsure, go with the company’s trial service first, so you can test the waters before you purchase their meals.


Questions You Can Ask Your Potential Wedding Band

With now a lot of wedding bands and singers to choose from, how do you narrow down your options? How do you know which one should suit the music style that you want, given that all bands are competent with what they do? A music group won’t be formed in the first place if the members are not passionate about music in the first place. All guitarists, bassists, singers, drummers, and keyboardists follow the same chords, so how do you know which band you should hire for your wedding?

Wedding live band setting the mood of the occasionMusic plays a big part in setting the mood for your event, so choosing the right band is crucial. However, it can be challenging to select one especially if you haven’t had the chance to attend any of these potential bands’ performances just yet. Recommendations don’t work as well, too, because every person has a unique taste in music and what works for one may not go well with another.

Remember, the choice must be up to you and your partner, and you must agree to the band that you’re hiring. Conforming to the same decision can help the couple enjoy the event, so don’t make this a choice of just one.

Here are some questions that can guide you as you do your wedding band hunt:

1. Can we watch a video of your performance?

Professional singers and bands have an updated portfolio of a sample of their performances. So, a group having a website or a collection of all their work is a good sign of professionalism. If a band does not agree to show you their work, then this is a red flag. Why doesn’t a band want to show their work? They may be hiding something, and most probably, it is the incompetence of their group.

Audio setup might not be included in the package2. Will you prepare all the necessary equipment?

Hiring a top-rated wedding band is one thing, but some couples are left to their dismay when on the event itself, they discover that audio equipment is not included in the band package. While the band is also responsible for informing the couple during their negotiations, the couple must also ask to make sure they’re covered for the event.

Most bands have this service available since it is more convenient for everyone, both for the band and the celebrants. Many groups are comfortable with their equipment, so it is but wise for them to want to use their own, too. Make sure to ask if speakers, extension cords, mics, and other equipment are already included in the package.

3. Can you play the songs that we like?

The group that you want to hire may be one of the highly recommended bands in your town; but, if the band cannot play the songs you like, then you would have to look for someone else. Your songs will be the highlight of your wedding, so you must find a band that can successfully render the songs you and your partner both like.

These are some of the questions you can ask your potential wedding band. Remember, this event is only once-in-a-lifetime, so it’s wise to choose the best one for you.